My Music Scores in Munich Double-Treble Clef

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My Music Scores in Munich Double-Treble Clef

Post by JRCOLS » Mon Apr 11, 2016 5:22 pm

I want your feedback for this idea: I can convert the Bass Clef lines in my original zither solo compositions, to the Treble Clef for those of you who prefer the double Treble Clef in stead of Treble-and-Bass clefs. In my website,, I have only featured my original pieces with a Bass clef for the accompaniment to the treble clef melody lines.

So my question to you the audience is: Would you be more willing to buy copies of my original solo pieces if they were printed with both clefs in Treble?

Are there any of my pieces that you have wanted to see in the double treble clef format?

In addition, I have updated the the security SSL certifcate to the "https" for extra security in my website.

Best regards,
John Roeder

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