Need help in chosing Zither strings

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Rudy Mueller
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Re: Need help in chosing Zither strings

Post by Rudy Mueller » Thu Jul 12, 2018 9:22 am

Are un-tuned (or not installed and/or un-used strings) a potential unbalanced load?


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Re: Need help in chosing Zither strings

Post by kenbloom » Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:30 am

Hi Rudi,

Could be but if you are talking about contra basses, not so much. I have had problems with too uch tension on my contra basses causing warping in both Meinel zithers. When I went to the Bergfe green strings, the tone remained the same, the tension went down and I no longer had the problem. Today, I still leave off some of the contras on my perfecta Meinel. This has greatly lessened the problem. Once a warp occurs it is difficult to remedy that without major surgery (as evidenced by Pete's repair solution). The major problem in building an excellent sounding and playing zither is having a low tension short string playing very low pitch with any kind of volume. Balancing these opposing requirements is why there are really only as few revered makers such as Meinel and Wunshe. There are of course others. If what you are talking about are unused or missing contra basses causing unblanced tension, I wouldn't worry about it. On modern long scale zithers it is much more important to think about the strings you are using. Use the lowest tension string that gives you good tone. Hope this helps. Just my 2p.

Ken Bloom

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