Echo Zither (Re-String)

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Echo Zither (Re-String)

Post by RobB » Tue Aug 26, 2014 10:05 am

Greetings from New Paltz, New York
Please pardon this 'noob' if any of this info was previously covered in the forums, as I have not, as yet, perused the forums history

Since having heard a Zither as a young man I became enchanted with the voice
of this instrument. ( It was Anton Karas' The Third Man which captivated me
first. ) An opportunity to purchase an older Zither in good shape presented
itself, and with little hesitation and a thought to preserve this instrument
and perhaps play the theme, I brought it home. The Zither is an Echo Zither
manufactured by German Immigrants in Brooklyn NY around the turn of the last
century. In remarkable shape showing some ware at a point were the thumb pick
would strike the edge. I am at the point of restringing (Lenzner Soloklang) the Echo and am
having some difficulty with tuning the bass strings, at least the first two,
(Eb4 & Bb3) since progress has halted till my further education in this
matter takes place. I see nothing abrasive on the Tuning Pin or Guide but
both have broken, at that side of the Zither. I am in need of some guidance
and am wondering if you could put me on a path of enlightenment here. What
to look for, or how to do?
A Zither Guru if you will, familiar with the care and maintenance (feeding) of an older
American Zither.
Danke, Robert
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Rudy Mueller
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Re: Echo Zither (Re-String)

Post by Rudy Mueller » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:13 am

Welcome RobB,

New Paltz looks like it's within driving distance of Connecticut and New York City, where you'll find players with some experience. Dave might be able to share some e-addresses with you.


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Re: Echo Zither (Re-String)

Post by RobB » Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:42 am

Thank you, Rudi,
If I'm going to this thing right, need to network myself out there
I have been in touch with Bill (Dr. Zither) and purchased my Strings through him. He and his wife were in my neck of the woods and we spent a few hours talking Zither restoration and tuning. ( among other things). Very nice people and he was quite helpful.
As of now I've cleaned the Zither and removed and cleaned the tuning pins. Treated the wood with a Citrus oil and Bee's Wax. Reset the pins (some loose, opted for the simpler solution, for now, of newspaper strips) and started stringing.
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