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Re: Im Heimgarten

Post by Musicmaker » Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:10 pm

I now have all three!
Band 3 is a tad too advanced for me but at least I have it.
In Band 1 , there are some delightful old German tunes which I am working on.
I have also gotten a copy of the Volkstumliche Zither Schule which also has some wonderful old tunes in it.
I heard Andy play Für die Kleinen on page 23 and I am hooked to learn it.
I practice various pieces at the same time.
I do not believe in playing tediously the same eight measures until perfect.
I believe perfection will come when it is ready.
So I study other pieces to improve my sight reading and find out where notes are.
I then have an idea on what I will find difficult in the next piece so it will not be too much of a shock.
My dream is to play The Third Man Theme.
Thanks to Dave and Ilse Harris I now have a choice of which version. is too advanced for me right now but already I am slowly studying the first few bars and with determination I will get there.
When I get it right I feel very excited and cannot believe I did it.
But I cannot get it right every time!
Sorry mate....from Downunder!

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Re: Im Heimgarten

Post by Rudy Mueller » Fri Jun 22, 2018 4:25 pm

Band Three ends with the Tölzer Schützen Marsch. I've only heard two people play this well: Hans Gassner, live, solo many, many years ago, and Andreas Waldschütz's group, on CD: on their CD you can imagine the crack of every shot!

Keep movin' forward*.


* by the way, "FORWARD!" is the motto of the State of Wisconsin

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