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Schuster repair

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018 9:51 pm
by Musicmaker
I was almost at the point of binning this as it is so badly warped. So much so that the back would absolutely NOT clamp back together with the body.
I have two chances and the challenge is on.
I have relieved the back a little more from the body and removed excess glue with boiling water and knives.
I have applied water to the insides of the sides which were really warped to soften the wood from brittle.
Then a generous blow over with heat gun but very carefully over one hour.
Then added a generous amount of weight and clamped the ends together.
It is hoped that it will warp the other way and then spring back to dead straight.
It will take days for this to happen.
The good signs are...
The back is now almost clamped tight to the body.
The bad warp has gone.
Time will tell.
Pete ... res/57Z2A7