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Post by johnm20 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:02 pm

Hello, All. I have been working on repairing a Schwarzer concert zither that is missing the saddle. I have cut several "draft" saddles using my band saw but, without a model, I'm not sure about height (I was able to get a shape pattern along with pin hole spacing from the remaining glue strip on the zither). I presume that the strings contact the saddle similar to strings coming off the tuning head of a guitar over the nut with the pins serving as the guides. Is this correct? I am using hard maple for the saddle. Thanks for your help! John

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Re: Saddle

Post by DonO » Tue Apr 30, 2019 4:51 pm


If you are located in the US, you might make contact with Mr. Sasha Radicic of St Louis, MO. His is a very fine, and highly trained, maker of guitars and repair of Zithers. Sasha made repairs to two zithers that I own: one is an AltZither in the key of F that has been in my family for generations, and one is a wonderful Schwarzer in the key of C that I picked up on eBay some years ago. Sasha's repair and refurbishment of these two zithers is tremendous. If you value the zither you have referenced, and want it repaired to last, consider contacting Sasha. He is very fair. If you're a skilled luthier, then carry on!

Don O.

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