The White Rose Of Athens

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The White Rose Of Athens

Post by Musicmaker » Tue Jul 10, 2018 2:23 am

I have always loved this song.
I think it lends itself to the Zither.
I am learning to use the programme " Noteworthy " and it satisfies my needs.
Rudi mentioned Forte 8 but impossible to get it here in Australia.
Anyway .....they are a means to an end.
Had great fun doing this.
I am not trying to be a smart ass.
But what do you make of this?
As I was experimenting with my zither, I just loved the sound of two melody notes ( or more) in harmony.
With vibrato, I think this will sound beautiful and the Zither CAN do this song.

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Re: The White Rose Of Athens

Post by NutmegCT » Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:10 am

Pete - didn't know that song until you posted it. Then found several recordings on YouTube. Beautiful. Here's a 1969 recording:

Could you tell more about Noteworthy? Did it print the music you show? I'm interested in how you use it and how it works, especially as zither fingerings are shown. Notation software I've tried over the years really slows me down, compared to just writing it out by hand on blank staff paper.

Tom M.

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Re: The White Rose Of Athens

Post by Andy » Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:55 am

Pretty tune!

I’ve been using MuseScore myself, which is basically the same thing as Noteworthy. Sure makes it easier to learn a piece of music if you’ve heard it, even if its played by a computer. The piece itself looks easy enough, but those dyads on the fretboard and different chord pattern are deceptively challenging. Going to put this one right on top of the challenge pile of music, the one you dip into when your need to look at something besides the lesson book.

Thanks Pete!
- Andy

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Re: The White Rose Of Athens

Post by Musicmaker » Tue Jul 10, 2018 6:35 pm

I am pleased you like it and that response has encouraged me to write the second part to complete the song.
I posted it as a tester to see if people like it.
Nana Mouskouri who sung it is now known as " The White Rose of Athens". She has just turned 80.
The words are lovely as well.
Re Dyads..when you play it, it is essential to play them as this brings out the Zitherness in the song.
I have arranged it in C maj as those dyads can be extended to full three or four note chords by brushing the open G and C strings Ad Lib.
I did a bit of research on music software before I bought Noteworthy.
It has some good reports and bsaically for $50 it is good value.
I have had it two days now, am 67 years old and my brain coped okay with it.
Like all programmes it takes a bit of getting used to.
What I like about it is that you put what you want into a measure without it automatically throwing in rests which I find confusing.
You can mistakingly put too many beats in a measure. It does what you put in.
However when you play it back you will hear something wrong and then you edit it.
Yes it prints out your scores.
It plays back your scores.
You can use different colours if needed.
Can do shaped notes, lyrics and fingering.
It took me a few hours to work out how to do the fingering.
It is done by going into " Text" mode.
The instructions on how to do this are also good. It is just that I did not read them thoroughly.
If you buy the programme and need help with the fingering I can help out.
I had my zither to one side and had to work out what I thought was appropriate fingering and then transfer it to the score.
Like Rudi says( he has Forte ), the whole experience gets your brain zither orientated.
Yes, hand written scores are quicker BUT this is now all in my PC, can be played back to me or printed out in seconds.
The fingering is time consuming but it did get a lot quicker towards the end.
This was not an inputting problem but a Peter problem deciding which pattern of fingering to use.
What I have used seems logical but I am not an expert.
Would like to hear Dave's view on it as he is a good Zither player.

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